May podcast launches reach new low; fewer abandoned podcasts

We see an interesting trend developing in the podcast metrics published by Listen Notes. (See the data HERE.)

On one hand, we note that the month of May saw the lowest new podcast production in a year. (See the chart below.) About 12,000 new shows were launched with at least one episode — that’s the lowest new-launch in 13 months.

This trend of lower new production might be attributed to the end of Covid fervor for launching podcasts. At the same time, a certain creative stability is being asserted, where “dead podcasts” (deleted RSS feed and/or iTunes:complete tag is set to “Yes”) is low for 2023 at this point. Only 11,535 shows are certifiably abandoned, projecting to 27,684 for all of 2023. If that number holds, it will be the lowest number of podcast quits since 2015.

We also note that Society and Culture podcasts top the category list for May, followed by Education, Arts, and Business.

Brad Hill