Market Enginuity lands PRX as client, Sarah van Mosel joins from Acast

prx-logo-canvasmarket enginuity logo canvasPRX has entered a partnership with Market Enginuity, a specialist in developing sponsorships for public media stations and groups. Through this deal, Market Enginuity will take on responsibility for sponsorship revenue across all PRX programs, including Radiotopia.

“We’re excited to increase capacity for PRX, helping them grow revenue and scale for their highly talented, creative and inventive producers,” Market Enginuity Managing Director Jim Taszarek said.

Market Enginuity operates an interesting business model, hiring and managing embedded sales forces in client stations and groups. The client portfolio currently includes 16 stations including WAMU (Washington D.C.) and KCRW (Los Angeles), according to EVP Harry Clark. Because the sales teams are embedded and branded by the station, the Market Enginuity brand is perhaps not as well known as it should be.

sarah van mosel FEB2015 canvasIn addition to the PRX development, and connected to it, the company announced that Sarah van Mosel has joined Market Enginuity as the company’s Chief Podcast Sales and Strategy Officer. Van Mosel has a history in public media. While she was most recently chief commercial officer at Acast (the Sweden-based commercial podcast company), she spent several years at New York Public Radio. She is a frequent conference speaker, including RAIN Summits, in which she most recently appeared at RAIN Summit Nashville.

“Between PRX and client stations throughout the U.S., Market Enginuity represents some of the best quality brands and most beloved programs,” van Mosel said. “The engagement listeners have with these shows and brands is off the charts, and more marketers need to know that.”

RAIN News Staff