Magellan AI adds attention metrics with Adelaide partnership

Podcast market intelligence and measurement company Magellan AI has partnered with Adelaide to bring attention metrics into Magellan’s podcast measurement suite. The arrangement will bring out show-level attention ratings by campaign, giving advertisers more insight into campaign effectiveness. 

The output of Adelaide’s technology is its so-called AU metric, a benchmarking score of listener engagement. It’s one thing for audio to play; it’s a separate thing to assess the listener’s attention. The AU predicts any placement’s probability of attention and impact.

The addition of AU to Magellan AI’s platform helps advertisers pinpoint the most efficient sources of attention in podcasts, fueling smarter media investment decisions and better outcomes,” we learn from Adelaide’s press release. 

The AU’s work can happen pre-campaign, by identifying podcasts with higher attention ratings. AU ratings are normalized across channels, we learn — this helps advertisers evaluate how podcasting compares to other channels in capturing attention.

“Adelaide’s research has demonstrated the exceptional value of audio alongside other mediums—particularly podcasts, which maintain an average AU far above channels like display and Walled Gardens,” said Marc Guldimann, CEO & Co-founder of Adelaide. “The untapped potential of high-quality podcast media is undeniable, and we look forward to working with Magellan AI to bring these insights to advertisers and help them achieve superior outcomes.”

“We’re thrilled to partner with the leader in attention metrics, Adelaide,” said Cameron Hendrix, CEO & Co-founder of Magellan AI. “Podcasts are one of the few channels where listeners routinely report something that advertisers new to podcasting find surprising – that they like ads in podcasts. Incorporating Adelaide’s AU data in Magellan AI’s industry-leading media planning and measurement platform adds a key metric that supports investment in podcasts as a channel.”

Magellan will have AU data in its platform early this year.


Brad Hill