Luminary Media gathers shows from more than 40 creators for launch

Luminary Media, the startup  which has been likened to a nascent Netflix for podcasts, has unveiled its slate of shows representing more than 40 creators for its upcoming launch. The company is working with celebrities such as Lena Dunham, Trevor Noah, and Conan O’Brien’s Team Coco. It is also working with people who already have reputations in podcasting, including new projects from Guy Raz of How I Built This and TED Radio Hour, Leon Neyfakh of Slow Burn, Adam Davidson of Planet Money, and Bill Simmons of ESPN, The Ringer, and Grantland.

“What sets Luminary apart is our podcasts—we are launching more than 40 shows and over 1,000 hours of ad-free exclusive podcasts on our premium service featuring some of the most recognizable voices in podcasting and entertainment,” Luminary CEO Matt Sacks said.

Luminary is also getting some existing shows moving exclusively under its umbrella. Those podcasts include Russell Brand’s Under the Skin, Michael Rapaport’s IAMRAPAPORT: STEREO PODCAST, and Hannibal Buress’ Handsome Rambler.

Luminary secured a $40 million round in May 2018. The company expects to officially launch in the first half of 2019 with a subscription tier of ad-free access available for $8 a month alongside a free, ad-supported version.

Anna Washenko