June podcast production accelerates 2024 slide (Listen Notes)

New podcast production skidded downward for the fifth consecutive month in June, with just under 6,000 new podcasts released. Over 13,000 newcomers were launched in May.

Back in January slightly more than 20,000 new podcasts were unleashed. All of this is according to the latest monthly reporting from Listen Notes (HERE). See below:

June’s production was the lowest by far over the 12 months covered in this report.

New episode volume is high over four years (2020-2023) when measured annually, while remaining fairly stable. About 29-million new episodes were released in 2023, and this year projects out to about 26-million.

All this according to Listen Notes, which continues its monthly tracking HERE. (NOTE: Listen Notes has informed us that the monthly numbers take a few days to completely settle. We will revise to accomodate any notable changes.)


Brad Hill