Podcast ad rates end three-month slide; costliest categories are tech/biz/edu (Libsyn Ads)

The average cost per thousand (CPM) for podcast advertising in June rose from the previous month. According to Libsyn’s monthly reckoning, the average CPM rate for a 60-second ad spot was $21.90 in June, compared to $21.63 in May.

Libsyn tells us the three highest CPM categories in June (based on delivered advertising) were Technology, Business, and Education. Those CPMS are itemized below:

  • Technology: $29 CPM
  • Business: $24 CPM
  • Education: $24 CPM

Dave Henley, Chief Revenue Officer at Libsyn, evangelized the podcast marketing channel and predicted a season surge this summer:


“The time is now to leverage the unique seasonal opportunity that summer presents for podcast advertising. To maximize relevance and engagement, advertisers should align campaigns with summer themes like travel, outdoor adventure, seasonal sales, and back-to-school.” –Dave Hanley, CRO, Libsyn


The seasonal theory references “summer’s leisurely pace,” which encourages longer uninterrupted listening. Hanley also invited advertisers to align summer campaigns wth traditional consumer enterprises like traveling, outdoor adventuring, and preparing for back-to-school.

Libsyn four-year CPM tracking chart with June updated is below. (See the source HERE.)

Brad Hill

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