Learn how to prevent digital decay with Preserve This Podcast

A trio of archivists and podcast fanatics have received a grant to help educate podcasters on how to preserve their work. The $142,000 grant from the The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation will fund the creation of a podcast focused on topics in podcast preservation. The group is also working on a workbook and traveling workshops that will also further that goal of awareness and education. Their grant is formally titled “Preserve this Podcast: A Podcast Tutorial and Outreach Project.”

“As a nascent, distributed, born-digital mass medium, podcasts face specific risks: format obsolescence, link rot, the complexity of managing digital assets, the expense of storing multiple copies of lossless audio files, and the dangers of relying on costly third-party hosting platforms,” wrote Molly Schwartz of the Metropolitan New York Library Council.

The team for this project includes Schwartz, Mary Kidd of the New York Public Library, and Dana Gerber-Margie of the University of Wisconsin-Madison. The grant runs through January 2020, and the group’s work can be followed on Twitter.

Anna Washenko

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