Launch in April, and Q&A your listeners: Spotify’s success tactics for podcasters

Spotify for Podcasters released the 2023 edition of its Fan Study. The purpose is to discover how listener behavior might inform creator marketing strategies.

The first of three insights presented illustrates the ebb and flow of monthly listening. The graphic is interesting; we observe that the range from lowest to highest month is only about 24%:

“Listeners want to engage with you—and they love when it gets personal” — that’s the second result of this presentation. Spotify observes that 73% of surveyed listeners want more opportunities to interact with podcast hosts. The company is emphasizing this result as a way of promoting a new Q&A function available to podcasters. The questions and replies are displayed on the podcast episode page. In this feature Spotify does offer default questions … and advises that podcasters ignore those defaults. Customized questions are eight times more likely to receive responses.

Furthermore, listeners who engage with Q&A have much higher consumption overall — 2.35x as many consumption hours.

The (sleek) original presentation, conatining more metrics, is HERE.

Brad Hill