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James Cridland, the radio futurologist, is a conference speaker, writer and consultant. He runs the media information website media.info and helps organise the yearly Next Radio conference. He also publishes podnews.net, a daily briefing on podcasting and on-demand, and writes a weekly international radio trends newsletter, at james.crid.land.

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  • The future of radio may well be digital, but it won’t survive on DAB, says The Register. The reality is that DAB is four times more popular than internet for listening to the radio, but tech journalists like this don’t really respond well to reality. The arguments this article makes, though, are better related to 1998’s DAB than today’s.
  • I listened to the @RadioToday Programme today. It’s a really good listen, and I should listen more often. Feel free to skip through my bit.
  • Very interesting look into what people actually want from a newspaper, and an attempt to deliver a product that suits. Would be interesting to do the same exercise for radio. I would suggest that a linear product would not be what was desired.
  • Nice article about Hospital Radio Perth. We forget how important these niche services are.


  • There’s been a blizzard of stuff like this in the press, highlighting apparent creative tensions on 2DAY’s breakfast show. Great PR? Or…?
  • I’d probably prefer to see stories like this – a fun story of how radio connects people. Perhaps a little twee; and illustrated by another bloody vintage radio, though. (C’mon, Commercial Radio Australia, produce some copyright-free images we can all use…)
  • A good piece of research – you’re likely to work with a bunch of psychopaths. Congratulations to Radio Today Aus, who have easily produced the most shared piece of content I’ve seen this week.


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