Infinite Dial webinar date set by Edison Research & Triton Digital

infinite dial 2015 title canvasEdison Research released the date and time of the The Infinite Dial webinar, an annual event in which survey results about American listening are released each March. The Infinite Dial is a joint production of Edison Research and Triton Digital.

The date is March 10, at 2pm EST. Go here for information and registration. You’ll see that “Attendance is limited,” which is true, and this is a highly anticipated event. Our suggestion is to register while you’re thinking about it.

Larry Rosin Headshot-2011-OutsideThe webinar is hosted by Edison Research’s Tom Webster and Triton Digital’s John Rosso.

john rosso thumbnailThe Infinite Dial is a large-scale consumer survey conducted by Edison Research, which measures how American adults and teens listen to audio. Brand recognition, music discovery metrics, podcast adoption, connected-car listening, online radio adoption, smartphone use for audio, and much more is covered with weekly and monthly views and demographic slices.

The study is often considered to be the most authoritative survey work regarding how Americans listen to audio, and its results are widely cited in all media coverage of the online audio industry. The webinar is a breaking news event in the field of audio consumer research.


Brad Hill