IAB Podcast Upfront Fall to complement the spring event, with new research report

Last December the IAB announced that the annual Podcast Upfront showcase to advertisers was shifting to a spring event, to place it closer to the Video Upfronts. That rescheduled event did take place (virtually) in May, but the IAB now announces a fall podcast event as well, on September 9-10. The implication, while not stated, is that the Podcast Upfront will be a semi-annual occasion. “From our conversations with members, we believe that there is real value in connecting buyers and sellers more frequently to discuss changes in the marketplace and new opportunities,” said David Cohen, CEO of the IAB.

The Fall Podcast Upfront is one component of a four-day event which bundles together the 2021 IAB Podcast Upfront Fall; IAB Fall Marketplace; and Audience Connect: Balancing Privacy, Personalization & Safety.

Today’s news comes with a list of confirmed podcast presenters as of now, presented here alphabetically:

  • Acast
  • Adonde Media
  • AdvertiseCast
  • The Atlantic
  • Audacy’s Cadence13, Pineapple Street Studios, and Podcorn
  • Chartable – Insights Presenter
  • Kerning Cultures
  • LAist Studios
  • NPR
  • Osiris Media
  • Podsights – Insights Presenter
  • Sony Music Entertainment
  • TransUnion – Insights Presenter
  • WarnerMedia
  • WBUR

Another indicator that the Fall Podcast Upfront will be annual, either with the spring version or as a return to the original schedule, is the simultaneous release of a new IAB study called Audio Landscape, which will be received on September 9. The IAB promises “powerful insights into consumption trends, ad spend patterns, plus an overview of evolving buying strategies, creative innovation, and measurement.” Presumably this report will complement the annual IAB Podcast Revenue Report, which comes out in the spring.


Brad Hill