Documentary about radio DJ’s released to Vimeo

RAIN News received a note from Roger King, Producer and Director of I Am What I Play, a documentary about radio DJs. The film was completed in July, 2014, and has been playing in the film festival and special screening circuits. Starting today is available to stream or download (paid) in Vimeo’s On-Demand section. (HERE)

I Am What I Play focuses on the career stories of four legendary jocks: Meg Griffin, Charles Laquidara, David Marsden, and Pat O’Day. They made their career during the heyday of free-form (or nearly so) rock radio, when star DJ’s were connected to the biggest names in rock and roll.

“As radio became more commercially-controlled and new media has taken hold, these DJ’s have had to carve out a new career space for themselves. Has free-form radio died, or has it reinvented itself in unexpected spaces?” — that is the film’s premise.

A Facebook page dedicated to the film features conversation, clips, and outtakes — HERE.

We’ve been enjoying a preview stream of the movie, and recommend it to anyone — either of an age to recall the days when radio stardom was built on programming freedom, or anyone interested in broadcasting and talent in all eras.

Brad Hill