Chartable launches “SmartPromos” to help podcasters and advertisers

Podcast tech and attribution company Chartable has launched a feature called SmartPromos, which traces listener action from hearing an ad for a podcast, to downloading that advertised podcast.

Chartable says the feature “empowers podcasters, media companies and advertisers to measure the impact of podcast ad campaigns for promoting new podcasts.”

The intelligence behind this technology can be helpful to advertisers as well. This from Chartable COO Karo Chakhlasyan: ” “SmartPromos helps podcast advertisers better understand their listeners, connecting the dots between hearing an podcast tune-in ad with a future podcast download. Along with SmartLinks, Chartable’s web and social media marketing attribution, the Chartable suite helps marketers allocate their spend most effectively to optimize growth and cost per download.”

The launch is endorsed by branded podcast production company Pacific Content, where Head of Strategy and Audience Development Dan Misener offered this statement: “The best podcast promos are highly customized, well-targeted, and measurable. Chartable SmartPromos have quickly become an essential tool for helping our clients measure the ROI on their paid promo campaigns.”

Brad Hill

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