CD Baby teams with Audible Magic for identifying copyright conflicts

Independent music distributor CD Baby announced a partnership with Audible Magic, a specialist in digital content identification, licensing, and monetization. Under the terms of their arrangement, CD Baby will use the RightsRx service from Audible Magic to find content rights conflicts before music is sent to a digital platform. The service runs a check against Audible Magic’s registry of more than 30 million media assets to determine whether the file in question is a duplicate of another audio file or is otherwise flagged as suspicious.

“CD Baby plays a vital role in the independent music community,” said Vance Ikezoye, President and CEO at Audible Magic. “We look forward to supporting their ongoing efforts to provide the highest quality of service to their artists and maintain strong relationships with the DSPs.”

“We’re doing everything in our power to provide digital partners with data and assets that boost our artists. We want to create the best experience via these partnerships,” said MJ Woodis, director of digital operations at CD Baby. “We work closely with DSPs, and it’s often more of a conversation, not just rules laid down. The heart of the matter is not to restrict as we get them music and data, and to enable search and other discovery methods to help our artists. It’s a growing process.”

Anna Washenko