Car listening pushes DAB+ growth in Australia

dab+ canvasDAB+ has an audience of 3.52 million listeners in Australia’s five metropolitan capitals, according to data from GfK. Just over a quarter (26.3% of Australians listened to DAB+ digital radio in the first three radio survey periods of the year. Within that audience, 2.62 million people listened to DAB+ simulcasts of AM and FM stations and 1.42 million people listened to digital-only stations.

Commercial Radio Australia said in-car listening was a driver of DAB+ growth. “Over 30% of new cars sold in the 12 months ending March were fitted with DAB+ digital radio, and the good news is we are now seeing digital radio available in more mass market cars and not just in the luxury end of the market,” CRA CEO Joan Warner said. She added that listeners may continue to transition thanks to the audio quality, ease of use, and audio tech integrations available through DAB+.

Anna Washenko