Cadence13 launches sports gambling podcast network

Cadence13 has partnered with The Action Network, a specialist in sports betting and analytics, to create a new podcast network. Talent from The Action Network will be featured in the new shows targeting fans of sports gambling and fantasy leagues. The debut series is called The Favorites. Airing three times a week, this show will blend entertainment and analysis of the betting market, athletes, book makers, and more from this niche. The first episode will be published on September 5.

“Clearly, the opportunity to create podcast content in this category jumped to a new level with the legalization of sports gambling,” Cadence13 Chief Content Officer Chris Corcoran said. “Partnering with one of the brightest minds in the sports world, Chad Millman, will allow two creative companies to build something special to match the rising demand.”

“We’re thrilled to join the incredible lineup of podcasts that Chris and the team at Cadence13 have built over the past several years,” said Chad Millman, The Action Network’s chief content officer. “They’ve been a pioneer in this space, which we know is incredibly powerful when it comes to entertaining, informing, and communicating with our audience.”

Anna Washenko