Cabana division of AdLarge releases podcast buying guide for advertisers

Cabana, the podcast and digital audio division of audio ad company AdLarge, has released an eight-page online brochure for advertisers, evangelizing the podcast opportunity. Called Harness The Power Of Audio; Your Guide To Buying Podcasts (download PDF here), the document includes a general rationale for the marketing value of podcasts, a roundup of research about podcast listeners, a glossary, and a tutorial that covers budgeting, campaign planning, program selection, and measurement/tracking.

Podcasting is at an inflection point where advertisers are becoming familiar with the marketing opportunity, but need lots of demystification to understand podcasting’s unique attributes. Cabana’s buying guide seeks to be comprehensive and concise, and succeeds in our view. It conveys a lot of information, smartly organized and packaged in bullet points and lists for the most part, making it easy to absorb. The piece calls on 10 research sources including Edison Research, Nielsen, eMarketer, audioBoom, comScore/Wondery, Spotify, and AdLarge’s own survey work.

The brochure does not dive into supporting technology like ad injection and programmatic campaigns; the guidelines for creating ad copy center on host-read endorsements and direct response verification (codes and unique links). Cabana partners with Megaphone, Panoply’s tech/hosting platform, and that is briefly mentioned as a way to fine-tune targeting with geo-location.


Brad Hill