Blubrry introduces podcast production support for limited number of clients

Podcast hosting and services company Blubrry announced that it is now offering its clients tools in post-production. The business has two options, an “auto-pilot package” or a “launch/relaunch” choice. The new tools are aimed at easing and streamlining scheduling and pod drops for weekly productions, and initial launch assistance. For now, the hands-on production plans are only available at a limited scope to customers of the Blubrry Pro Hosting plans. Fifteen slots will be open for the launch/relaunch plan and it will support 50 podcasts on the auto-pilot plan.

“We often hear how overburdened our clients feel when they are producing all the elements of their podcast, but it doesn’t have to be that way,” CEO Todd Cochrane said. “I’m confident, these pro-packages are the ultimate solution to help our podcasters get their valuable time back so they can focus on creating their best content and prevent pod-fade.”

Anna Washenko