Black Podcasting Awards seeks crowdfund push in final days of pledge drive

The Black Podcasting Awards, a first-year enterprise started just before COVID, is within the final two days of a Kickstarter fundraising effort. See the page HERE. (Thanks to Podglomerate CEO and RAIN News columnist Jeff Umbro for tipping us to this.)

The crowdfunding goal is modest by Kickstarter standards: $7,500, with 30 hours remaining in the drive as of this post. Over half the goal has been pledged. The money will go to the venture’s modest operating cost, including physical awards to winners.

The project vision began as a face-to-face event, and naturally pivoted to an online presentation. The idea was launched by Tacy Clayton-Hanks in February. Georgie-Ann Gettong-McCoy is heading up the Kickstarter effort.


Brad Hill