Beats Music launches iPad app (finally)

beats ipadBeats Music put out a dedicated iPad app yesterday. Newsworthy? Well, it is for users who have begged, pleaded, and demanded an iPad version of the music service app.

Beats Music launched with Android and Apple phone apps. On the Apple side, the iPhone app works on iPads, but it’s tricky to find in the iPad’s view of the Apple App Store. Also, iPhone apps generally look terrible on iPads, and usually don’t re-position in landscape mode. So, a poor experience for users who prefer the tablet format when listening at home.

In our testing, the iPad app didn’t reveal any surprises. There is consistency across Android and iOS — generally a good thing for multi-device users.

Last week Beats changed its sign-up mechanism for Apple apps, allowing new subscribers to join the service within the apps, instead of requiring a visit to the Beats Music website to start an account. Beats sacrifices some revenue to Apple this way, but streamlines the conversion of trial accounts to paying accounts. this week, Beats Music CEO Ian Rogers issued a first-100-days report, which, unsurprisingly, was glowingly positive.

Brad Hill