Beats Music acknowledges problems, limits sign-ups, and extends trial period

beats - promo convasEarlier today we posted some Twitter outpouring about today’s problems with the Beats Music service which launched yesterday. We cited anecdotal experience in our staff, including an utter inability to connect via three installed apps or the web interface. During the hours of musical drought, we observed that Beats did not make a public acknowledgement of connection issues, or manage its sliding reputation on Twitter.

At day’s end, though, that acknowledgement was issues under CEO Ian Rogers‘ name. Here is the email text, which in our view is pretty good damage control:


Huge thanks to everyone for making our launch day yesterday so successful. We’ve been blown away by the love that made us the #1 Music App in the iTunes Store.Due to the extremely high volume of interest in our service some users are experiencing issues. Most people are unaffected but our priority is to give everyone a great experience. We prepared for issues like these, have a plan, and are going to hold off on letting more people in while we put this plan in action.


For those of you that claimed your name in the lead up to launch, we still have your username reserved and we’ll be in touch with your invite. We appreciate your support.


Everyone who registers this week will get an additional seven days added to their trial.


We’re staying focused on bringing you the best music experience from the people who know what song comes next. Stay tuned, and thanks for being excited about Beats Music.


Ian Rogers

Brad Hill