ARN launches iHeartPodcast Network Australia

iHeartRadio Australia is getting its own podcast launch. ARN, the domestic radio group that operates iHeartRadio Australia, today introduced the iHeartPodcast Network Australia. This launch will offer brands the chance to reach listeners with host-read and geo-targeted podcast advertisements. ARN is also offering tools for campaign measurement and attribution.

“Australians are listening to more audio than ever before, using podcasts to complement rather than replace other audio,” said Corey Layton, ARN commercial product and audio partnerships director. “Our ability to integrate podcast and radio talent into advertising campaigns provides our clients with best in class solutions, across all forms of audio.”

“ARN is the only audio company that has been able to consolidate radio, music and podcasts all in one place for Australian audiences through our ongoing investment in iHeartRadio,” ARN Chief Commercial Officer Peter Whitehead said. “With our unique audience-led approach to creating targeted commercial and custom content across broadcast and on-demand audio, we have cemented our leadership position in Defining Audio in Australia. With the launch of iHeartPodcast Network Australia, we reinforce our commercial offering to clients powered by enhanced data and targeting to maximise cut through.”

Anna Washenko