Apple, YouTube bask in Podnews Report Card

Results of the Podnews Report Card survey have been released, following a first view at Podcast Movement Evolutions. In that entertaining keynote session performed by Podnews editor James Cridland (amusingly interrupted by a faux DAI-inserted commercial), we learned how Podnews-reading podcasters rate distribution apps, directories, and monetization platforms. (See the results HERE.)

The general takeaway is that Apple is well favored across the board, with Spotify also placing well. Anticipation for YouTube’s mature representation in podcasting is eagerly anticipated by respondents.

One general complaint is  about inconsistency; jargon, formats, and parameters are not the same across listening platforms, making it difficult for creators to present a uniform product. These points are emphasized in the report. One respondent offered: “I do wish we could have one system of jargon/parameters to compile all the directories in one data file […] each directory has its own terms being used.”

The survey commentary notes a particularly consequential difference among platforms: “There is dissatisfaction from creators about the consistency of stats. As one example, Google only logs a “play” if something has been played more than five seconds, while for Apple and Spotify, there’s no lower limit.”

Overall, taking account of progress over time, a key finding is that Apple has improved. “Apple has really really invested in this. They used to suck! Kudos to them!” — a once-damned-now-praised comment, but still. Another respondent noted that Apple uniquely offered human-powered customer service.

Podcasters eagerly await a mature distribution service from YouTube, with several testaments of surprise at the platform’s power to deliver visits and plays. Engagement and organic growth are praised. “My YouTube video podcast is growing faster than my podcast on Buzzsprout,” one participant noted. 

The overall assessment, considering all factors? See below:



Brad Hill