BuzzAngle Music 2017 report: Another banner year for streaming

BuzzAngle Music has shared its music consumption data for 2017. The number of on-demand audio streams reached a new record high, up 50.3% to 376.9 billion, including both subscription and ad-supported streams. Subscription streams were up 57.5%, while ad-supported streams grew just 27.3%. When broadened to include video, total on-demand streams in 2017 increased 38.4% to 598 billion.

Before more data, here are a few important definitions. BuzzAngle distinguishes “Sales” from “Projects” — the latter embracing consumption across sales and streaming channels. The audio streams of total album project units are calculated as album sales plus song sales divided by 10, plus on-demand audio streams divided by 1,500. The total streams version adds in on-demand video streams divided by 1,500. The total song project units are song sales plus on-demand audio streams divided by 150.

Total album consumption rose 12.8% to 603.2 million. On-demand streams accounted for 66.1% of that total, a share that grew 12.2% over the previous year. Within the streaming portion, audio outpaced video, growing 4% to a 66% share. BuzzAngle also found that 80% of total audio streams were from subscription listeners.

Total song consumption spiked 25.9% to 4.6 billion. Album sales dipped 14.6%, including a 7% decline for physical formats and a 22.6% drop for digital album sales. To contrast the performance of streaming with downloads, 2017 saw a daily average of 1.67 billion streams, which is more than double the number of song downloads for the whole year (563.7 million).

Anna Washenko

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