Switched on Pop podcast joins the Vox Media network

The Vox Media Podcast Network announced that it is getting its first music show. The podcast Switched on Pop is joining the company and will be officially relaunched next month under that umbrella. Vox will produce the show alongside hosts Charlie Harding and Nate Sloan. Episodes will air weekly and the show will be available for sponsorships exclusively through Vox Media’s sales team.

“Vox is the ideal partner for Switched on Pop. Their explainer format has influenced the show since we started publishing four years ago,” Harding said. “Together we’ll continue our deep musical inquiries that give listeners those “a-ha!” moment in their favorite songs. With Vox, we’ll be able to publish more frequently with more guests including pop’s best performers, songwriters, producers and journalists.”

Switched on Pop brings Vox’s podcast lineup to eight shows. The media company now has audio coverage of news, policy, foreign affairs, and more.

Anna Washenko