Survey: 89% of smart speaker owners are satisfied (but that could change)

Smart speakers have been dominating sales and headlines, and so far, customers are pleased with them. That’s the takeaway from a lightweight survey by Loup Ventures, which found that 89% of owners were satisfied with their smart speaker purchases.

The group surveyed 520 U.S. consumers about the burgeoning device segment — only about a third of that sample (31%) owned smart speakers. Amazon Echo is the most popular with a 55% share, followed by Google Home at 23%. Music questions were the most common usage of the speakers, followed by weather and general knowledge.

Loup Ventures, which has conducted other tests into smart speakers and voice controls, notes that the simplicity of the most common user queries likely contributes to the high satisfaction rates. “Put simply, people aren’t using their smart speakers for anything all that smart,” the latest blog post amusingly reads. “But we expect that to change.” As device owners seek more depth and variety from this segment, it will be on the voice AI manufacturers to improve their products to keep pace.

Anna Washenko