“More speakers than screens” — EGTA preps for World Radio Day with audio stats

European trade organization EGTA, which serves radio/TV advertisers, is promoting World Radio Day (February 13) with materials that advocate for sonic branding. As part of this, the organization has declared 2020 as “The Year of  Sonic” and has marshaled some interesting statistics.

“More speakers than screens” is an alluring statement, even without research citations for it. Elsewhere in the main presentation (which is available on a PDF file) the organization pulls numbers from its own Radio Focus study, Edison Research, and the IFPI.

A few key points:

  • 64% of people globally have streamed music in the past month
  • Over-the-air radio has a more-than 70% daily reach in Europe, and  claims more than 90% of audio advertising expenditure
  • Podcast listeners spend more than five and a half hours listening to audio each day

The main theme in all this is sonic branding — those short audio signatures that worm their way into consumers’ ears and powerfully identify a brand. “Sonic branding gives a brand identity in an audio world just as a logo does in a visual world,” states the EGTA

To drive home this point, the Powerpoint version of the PDF presentation plays 10 famous sonic brand audio logos including Old Spice, Netflix, Duracell, and Intel. The Powerpoint deck can be downloaded HERE.


Brad Hill