Listen Entertainment renews series deal with Audible, combo podcast/audiobook

British audio production house and consultancy Listen Entertainment has renewed an agreement with leading audiobook marketplace to produce a follow-up in the “A Grown-Up Guide” audio franchise. The new title, A Grown-Up Guide to the Oceans, follows a previously commissioned work A Grown-Up Guide to Dinosaurs.

The projects are interesting hybrids. The new title is a six-part series, resembling a podcast, and is published on Audible as an audiobook. Audible’s presentation of the Dinosaurs series/book is far more elaborate than a typical Audible-commissioned audiobook, with extravagant artwork and easy listening to several excerpts. (Check it out here.)

The Oceans project is hosted by evolutionary biologist Ben Garrod, and covers the evolution of oceanic life. Dinosaurs producer Eleanor Sans is heading the new project.

Adam Uytman, Director of Content, Listen, says: “We are thrilled that our first release under the returnable ‘A Grown-Up Guide’ podcast format has been so successful, and it’s great to be following it up so quickly with a series exploring the oceans. We are delighted to
be growing our relationship further with Audible on this and our other commissions.”

Listen Entertainment also announced to new series for Audible, Levi Roots: Flavours of Home and The Careers Couch.

Listen is a new business, formed by an acquisition of the content division of London-based audio producer Wisebuddah in October of this year.

Brad Hill