The impact of mobile at RAIN Summit Indy

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When Jason Calacanis delivered his powerful keynote address at RAIN Summit West in April, he ended with a declaratory mandate.

“Mobile is the only thing that matters. Mobile is the only thing that matters. Mobile is the only thing that matters.” –Jason Calacanis, digital entrepreneur, RAIN Summit keynote

Calacanis was projecting into the future, and his conviction is documented in the present, with trendlines showing that audio is increasingly a walk-around activity:

  • The Infinite Dial 2014 (Edison Research and Triton Digital) states, “Mobile devices are rewiring behavior extremely quickly,” and notes a 500% increase in smartphone penetration over five years.
  • comScore and Millennial Media discovered that streaming radio is the most mobile of all content categories.
  • Wireless carrier company T-Mobile recently announced the removal of data caps for selected streaming music services, encouraging users to use their phone for unlimited audio listening.

RAIN Summit Indy will bring these trend points and much more to the Indiana Convention Center in Indianapolis on September 9, in the “Mobile Is the New Black” panel. More than 70% of all listening occurs on mobile devices. The panel will examine what impact this hasĀ on audience measurement, programming, ad strategies and monetization.

CLICK HERE for more panel information, the growing speaker list, and registration.

Brad Hill