AdLarge Media’s cabana to represent Almighty Baller Radio podcast network

AdLarge Media announced the addition of a basketball podcast network to its cabana service. Almighty Baller Radio includes more than 40 shows focused on the NBA, most of them hosted by fans and basketball enthusiasts. Since the network’s launch a year ago, it has reached 12 million listeners. cabana is AdLarge’s brand for podcast services and digital audio ad buying.

“Almighty Baller breaks away from the ordinary with compelling content tailored to the specific interests of each podcast’s listeners,” said Stephanie Vance, vice president of digital content for cabana. “The Almighty Baller podcast network blends its authority on all things NBA with an accessibility you don’t often find in sports programming.”

“The Almighty Baller network offers advertisers an opportunity to reach the millennial male listener at scale, while maintaining the intimacy that makes podcasting highly effective in connecting with listeners,” Ilwira Marciszek, cabana’s vice president of digital sales strategy, said. “We’re very excited to present this terrific audio environment to our advertisers.”

Anna Washenko