Your invitation to RAIN Summit West

Your invitation to RAIN Summit West

Dear RAIN reader,

I’m writing you while on my way home from three great conferences — Radiodays Europe in Barcelona, Canadian Music Week in Toronto, and IAB Audio Day in Los Angeles — and I have to tell you, I am seeing a level of enthusiasm and excitement about the radio industry that I have not seen in years!┬áIf you define “radio,” as consumers do, broadly enough to include AM, FM, HD, DAB, satellite, and Internet delivery, then more people are listening to more radio in more places than ever before. Exciting new products, services, brands, and line extensions are being created around the world. Billions of dollars of new value are being created. And both advertising and subscription revenues are on the rise.

This is what I’ve been calling the “Fourth Golden Age of Radio” when I speak at events.

LVH in Las VegasAnd if you’re part of it — or would like to become part of it — let me encourage you to come to the event that’s bringing all of these players together: RAIN Summit West, on Sunday, April 15th, at the LVH (formerly the Las Vegas Hilton), just preceding the upcoming NAB Show.

It’ll be a day full of great speakers, panels, and networking opportunities with people from all sides of the business. You’ll learn what’s working, and what isn’t, and where untapped opportunities lie.

Speakers include ESPN’s Traug Keller, the U.S. Copyright Office’s David Carson, Pandora’s Doug Sterne, Owen Grover of Clear Channel/iHeartRadio, Jim Cady of Slacker, and many, many others.

Flights and hotels are still generally available and affordable. At $149 (including a nice lunch and a great cocktail party), RAIN Summit West is one of the best conference values in radio — and Wedensday and Thursday (3/28-29) you can take off an extra $50 by using the discount code “JOINUS” when you register. Several past RAIN Summits have been totally sold out — don’t hesitate. Please join us!

If you love radio, I guarantee you’ll be glad you did.



Kurt Hanson