Ford avoids collision with Congress; reinstates AM radio

Ford Motor Company has announced that it will, after all, put AM radio reception in its 2024 cars. The company previously announced it was ditching the venerable and useful broadcast format. AM Radio was first installed in auto dashboards in the 1920s, and has continued to sit alongside FM for a hundred years. Click for details about pending legislation, and other car makers which have removed AM. Continue Reading


Podcast network Goalhanger goes with Spotify-Megaphone for host-read and DAI advertising

Spotify is reporting that its podtech subsidiary Megaphone has acquired a new client in the Goalhanger podcast network. Goalhanger published non-fiction shows with a focus on history. The network’s website displays eight titles. Goalhanger self-identifies as “the UK’s largest independent podcast company.” Continue Reading


Paul Riismandel: What Is Brand Lift in Digital Audio and Podcasting?

In his first guest column at RAIN News, Paul Riismandel (Chief Insights Officer & Partner, Signal Hill Insights) offers a deep and detailed dig into the meaning and functions of “brand lift” — that oft-mentioned and much valued attribute of successful audio ad campaigns. “Brand lift lets performance marketers put a microscope on their ad copy and messaging,” Paul says — and he also itemizes important questions which get answered using brand lift studies. Much more — click to read.
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The popularity and politics of podcasts: Insights from Pew Research Center

From a large-scale survey (5,132 U.S. adults surveyed in December), the Pew Research Center has released results about the popularity of podcasts and the habits of listeners. It’s a big study with deep analysis provided by Pew. We cover key takeaways and a couple of nuances. Click for metrics, graphics, and a link to the full study. Continue Reading

YAP Media’s “new era of podcasting” (Podcast Upfront presentation)

YAP Media Founder and CEO Hala Taha kindly sent RAIN News the presentation deck she delivered at the IAB Podcast Upfront last week. YAP Media was founded around the Young and Profiting podcast, created and hosted by Taha. The YAP network has grown to 15 podcasts. The deck is notable for the range of data sources cited across 23 slides. Click for details, selected slides, and a download link. Continue Reading