Join RAIN Founder Kurt Hanson and RAIN President Brad Hill for the 5th Annual RAIN Summit Europe — the largest and most influential gathering of the online audio industry.

Don’t miss:
  • Radio Reimagined — radio has many meanings in 2016; what will it mean in the future? (PANEL)
  • Interview with Jason Phipps — he’s the head of on-demand audio at The Guardian
  • International Roundtable on the Streaming Audio Market — a truly globe-spanning panel of experts! (PANEL)
  • Mark Mulligan on the state of the streaming music industry  new, never-seen research
  • Edison Research on Radio in the Car — new research and must-see videos!
  • New Strategies in Digital Audio Advertising — this is the programmatic update you don’t want to miss! (PANEL)


  • The Power of Sound (HINT: Don’t miss this remarkable presentation!)
  • State of the Industry with Kurt Hanson
  • Raffle! Lunch! Networking breaks!
  • A Day of Knowledge & Networking



RAIN Founder Kurt Hanson sets the stage with his State of the Industry address.

10:00 – 10:40 PANEL: Radio Reimagined

MODERATOR: Matt Deegan (Creative Director, Folder Media) 

  • Gary Bales (Digital Music Producer, BBC)
  • Simon Cole (CEO, 7digital)
  • Ruth Fitzsimons (Global Head of Content, audioBoom)
Radio has many meanings in 2016 — broadcast, streaming, on-demand. Podcasts and playlists are sometimes touted as the new radio. Is radio being transformed, or expanded? According to RAJAR, U.K. listeners spend 26 hours each week with audio. Broadcasting owns the most reach, and time spent listening, but on-demand audio is gaining share. This expert panel discusses the present and future of radio. Sponsored by 7digital.

10:40 – 11:05 RESEARCH: Share the Road: The Changing In-Car Audio Space

Megan Lazovick, Director of Research at Edison Research, brings new research that has never been seen publicly about how consumers manage audio in the car. In-car listening, and the development of connected car dashboards, are vital issues for tradition radio and online audio.

11:05 – 11:30 NETWORKING BREAK

11:30 – 11:50 FIRESIDE CHAT: Jason Phipps

Jason Phipps, Head of Audio at The Guardian, sits down with RAIN President Brad Hill for a conversation about podcasting.

11:50 – 12:30 PANEL: New Strategies in Digital Audio Advertising

Technology continues to streamline the efficiency of streaming audio advertising, as the market for smart impressions and data-rich campaigns gradually builds. As 2016 draws to a close, what is the state of streaming audio as a marketing venue? What do advertisers expect, and how do audio publishers deliver? Sponsored by AdsWizz.

MODERATOR: Neil Cowling (Creative Development Director, RadioWorks)

  • Alexis van de Wyer (CEO, AdsWizz)
  • Oliver Deane (Commercial Digital Director, Global Radio)
  • Jean-Pierre Cassaing (Director of Audio, Havas Media)
  • Ben Lovett (Account Manager – Media Planner/Buyer, the7stars)

12:30 – 1:00 RESEARCH: Mobile Music: Gold Mine or Free Lunch?

Wei Shi, Wireless Media Strategy Analyst at Strategy Analytics. What’s driving the mobile music market to double its value from 2015 to 2021? Who is paying for music, and who is not? What innovations could help grow the market, and convince consumers to pay?

1:00 – 2:00 LUNCH

2:00 – 2:05 RAFFLE

Raffle provided by Triton Digital.

Be in the room for your chance to win a Duark Internet Radio!



2:05 – 2:50 PANEL: The Streaming Audio Market: An International Roundtable

A no-holds barred discussion around online audio in Europe and beyond. This hard-hitting panel will deliver candid, multi-national perspectives on all facets of digital audio, including preferred monetization strategies, growth challenges, the prevalence of podcasting, and much more. Sponsored by Triton Digital.

MODERATOR: Benjamin Masse (Managing Director, Market Development & Strategy, Triton Digital)

  • Carlos Cordoba (Co-Founder, Audio.Ad)
  • Mirko Lagonegro (Founder & CEO, DigitalMDE)
  • Eric Portier (Chief Revenue Officer, TargetSpot/Radionomy)
  • Diego J Pruneda Paz (Digital Product Development Director, Prisa Radio)
  • Leeroy Shillingford (CEO, NRJ Digital Solutions, NRJ)
  • Colm Grealy (Managing Director,
  • Ed Keohane (Director, Audio, Bauer Media Group)
  • Gert Jan Kole (Programme Manager, Sky Radio Group)
  • Arthur Hoogendijk (CEO, The Media Exchange)

2:50 – 3:20 PRESENTATION: Spotify and the Human Equation

David Cooper, Director of Sales at Spotify, describes the rich data which informs product development and compelling new formats for advertisers. Also, a deep understanding of human behaviours and the contexts in which people listen that inspire change.


3:45 – 4:15 RESEARCH: Streaming Music Health Check

2016 is streaming music’s watershed moment. Mark Mulligan, Managing Director and Analyst at MIDiA Research, will offer the first public presentation of major new research. This is a data-rich snapshot of the streaming music industry at an inflection point. Not to be missed!

4:15 – 4:30 PRESENTATION: Rebuilding Babel — The Power of Speaking a Common Language

With Flossie Draper Senior Programmes Executive, IAB UK. This brief session from the IAB UK will stress the importance of speaking one language when it comes to programmatic standards, for full control, better insights and a fully automated process.

4:30 – 5:00 PRESENTATION: The Power of the Sound of Sam

Sam Crowther, Head of Creative Development at A Million Ads, brings an experiential sonic journey of storytelling mixed with sounds. This might be the most unusual and masterful presentation you’ll see in a year.


The RAIN Summit Cocktail Reception! Sponsored by AccuRadio

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flossie-draper-200x200FLOSSIE DRAPER

Senior Programmes Executive, IAB UK

arthur-hoogendijk-200x200ARTHUR HOOGENDIJK

CEO, The Media Exchange

ruth fitzsimonsRUTH FITZSIMONS

Global Head of Content, audioBoom

jason-phipps-200x200JASON PHIPPS, 

Head of Audio, The Guardian

mark-mulligan-200x200MARK MULLIGAN

Managing Director & Analyst, MIDiA Research

wei-shi-200x200WEI SHI

Analyst, Wireless Media Strategies, Strategy Analytics

neil cowlingNEIL COWLING

Creative Development Director, RadioWorks

matt-deegan-200x200MATT DEEGAN

Creative Director, Folder Media

gary-bales-02-200x200GARY BALES

Digital Music Producer, BBC

oliver-deane-200x200OLIVER DEANE

Commercial Digital Director, Global Radio

SimonCole-150SIMON COLE

CEO, 7digital

ben-lovett-200x200-use-thisBEN LOVETT

Account Manager – Media Planner/Buyer, the7stars

gert-jan-cole-200x200GERT JAN KOLE

Programme Manager, Sky Radio Group

benjamin-masse-200x200BENJAMIN MASSE

Managing Director, Market Development & Strategy, Triton Digital

leeroy-shillingford-200x200LEEROY SHILLINGFORD

CEO, NRJ Digital Solutions, NRJ

mirko-lagonegroMIRKO LAGONEGRO

Founder & Ceo, DigitalMDE


megan-lazovick-200x200MEGAN LAZOVICK,

Director of Research, Edison Research




Chief Revenue Officer, TargetSpot/Radionomy


diego-joaquin-pruneda-piaz-200x200DIEGO J. PRUNEDA PAZ

Digital Product Development Director, Prisa Radio 




david-cooper-200x200DAVID COOPER,

Director of Sales, Spotify



Managing Director,




sam-crowther-200x200SAM CROWTHER

Creative Development, A Million Ads




ed-keohane-200x200ED KEOHANE

Director, Audio, Bauer Media Group



alexis van de wyer crop square 200x200ALEXIS VAN DE WYER

CEO, AdsWizz




bradhillBRAD HILL

President, RAIN





kurt hanson 2016 200x200KURT HANSON

Founder RAIN & Founder/CEO, AccuRadio