Monday, March 8

30% of all American audio listening happens via mobile; on track to surpass radio receivers

Listening on a mobile device now accounts for 30% of all time spent listening to audio by those age 13+ in the U.S., an increase of 67% since 2014 — that from Edison Research, which has released a few munchable data snacks from its Share of Ear research. Click through for more highlights, including AM/FM analysis and age breakdowns.Continue Reading 


Pivoting to podcasts: An ad agency builds scalable success producing local newspaper podcasts

Nine months ago the BG Ad Group in Marietta, Georgia approached a metro Atlanta newspaper with an idea to increase non-traditional revenue, digital downloads, and hyperlocal following. The idea? A hyperlocal podcast. The model has scaled to other newspapers in Georgia. Click for a case study in hyperlocal branded podcasts.Continue Reading 




Podtrac Feb. 2021 ranker: 15 of 20 shows remain the same from Feb. 2020

In February 2020, we called the Podtrac Top Podcasts ranker “business as usual.” The same characterization remains a year later. We compared Podtrac’s recently released Top 20 Podcasts list for February 2021 with the year-ago list. Fifteen of the shows remain the same, with four of the top five retaining their positions. Click through for a graphic illustration.Continue Reading 


Mark Mulligan: The music business in 2021 – Joining the dots

by Mark Mulligan

This masterful write-up summarizes several important announcements which were clustered into a single week. There are three connecting threads: 1. The (continued) astronomic rise of the independent artist; 2. The growth of creator tools; 3. Streaming’s growing pains. A must-read from a global leader in digital audio industry analysis.
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Wondering about CPMs for programmatic podcast advertising? Triton Digital reports a range.

Two questions about digital audio programmatic advertising were addressed in Triton Digital’s presentation at the RAIN Podcast Business Summit yesterday: 1. Is programmatic advertising a “race to the bottom” in ad revenue? 2. What are actual CPM rates in podcasting? Triton SVP Stephanie Donovan answered both with a view of average CPM rates for podcast programmatic advertising.Continue Reading