Meet the RAIN Team


Kurt Hanson

Kurt Hanson is Founding Editor of the daily web-based newsletter called “RAIN: Radio And Internet News” ( and speaks around the world as one of the world’s leading experts in the field of online radio.  (RAIN also hosts three conferences per year on the subject of Internet radio called RAIN Summits.)  Kurt is also CEO of AccuRadio (, one of the world’s leading personalizable Internet radio brands, which reaches over a million listeners per month with its over 975 curated channels of rock, pop, jazz, classical, country, Broadway, and more.  AccuRadio is unique among major Internet radio properties in that it specifically targets the 35-to-64-year-old age group. He holds a B.A. and an M.B.A. from the University of Chicago.


Brad Hill

Brad Hill (@BradHill) is President of RAIN. He entered the company in September, 2013 after several years at AOL where he was VP of Audience Development, managing traffic growth across 65 online media brands. Brad has authored over 20 books about the Internet and music, including one of the first books about online music. He has been a broadcast radio DJ, and has five radios in his house to supplement his deep involvement with streaming music services. He attended the Manhattan School of Music, and is a classical pianist.


Brianna Pulliam

Brianna Pulliam, Events and Ad Operations Manager: Brianna handles the logistics of RAIN Summits, the ad schedules for the website and daily newsletter, and occasionally walks through walls. Before joining the RAIN team, Brianna worked on various event teams in music, sports, and entertainment as well as marketing and pr projects. She attended Xavier University of Louisiana and lives in Chicago, IL.


Anna Washenko

Senior Writer Anna Washenko (@AnnaGetsPithy) joined RAIN News in July, 2014. A mainstay of the RAIN News website and Daily Digest, Anna specializes in many aspects of the streaming audio industry. Her writing ranges from music licensing issues in Washington to digital radio adoption in Europe, from online audio in videogames to responsible rumor reporting. Her review of the Tidal music service is one of the most-read articles ever published on RAIN News.



Kurt’s dog Jackson is the official puppy (born June 2014) of RAIN’s Chicago office. He is a stunningly-wonderful mix, according to DNA testing, of boxer (brindle coat), pit bull (tug-o-war skills), and chihuahua (sleek hind legs), all combined with a sweet, diligent, and charming personality.  Jackson also enjoys long-distance running, sidewalk cafes, swimming in Lake Michigan, socializing with cats, and Kongs with peanut butter inside.

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  2. Glad to have found you – I have just registered to get your updates.
    Whoever promotes music and it’s cause is a dear friend to me.
    Hello new friends – looking forward.

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