RAIN Notes: Friday, May 31

Jottings of note:


“Of Mice and Megaphone”

Bryan Barletta of Sounds Profitable has published a manifesto in reaction and response to Spotify’s recent changes: The platform’s withdrawal from the IAB Tech Lab and its standardization of podcast advertisement guidelines.  “Spotify is not a peer in our industry but rather a global multi-platform corporation, responsible for a considerable amount of listener consumption, and ultimately may make decisions in their best interest vs your individual interest.” That said Barletta’s lengthy analysis and recommendations is respectful and steadfast in support of the podcast giant. He starts with the main issue: “All Downloads reported by the [Spotify subsidiary] Megaphone platform are now unable to be squared with IAB-compliant downloads.” Secondly: “Ad Delivery as reported by Megaphone is also now without meaning.” A thorough examination of technical details comes next, followed by an all-important “What Should You Do” section. (“Every single publisher hosting on Megaphone and advertiser or agency who buys ads with publishers on Megaphone or Spotify directly should email your rep and ask for them to begin IAB” certification immediately.) An important read, it is HERE.


Nothing If Not Comprehensive

Oxford University Press is set to release The Oxford Handbook of Radio and Podcasting, a monumental reference  work self-described as “A global approach to a wide span of soundwork.” They’re not kidding. Its 792 pages are sorted into eight sections and 37 chapters, each authored by a commissioned expert. Those contributors range from audio producers to sound artists to academics. “Since its origins in the 1920s, radio has innovated a new world of sound culture” the promotional material explains, “expanded into the digital realm of podcasting that is enabling the medium to reach larger audiences than ever before. Yet radio remains one of the least studied of the major areas of communication arts.” This book offers a solution whose scope and authority rise to the challenge. Perhaps we should mention the cost: $205. Get it HERE.


May 31, 2024

Brad Hill