Spotify launches Playlist Targeting for brand marketing

On-demand music service Spotify has announced a new audience segment for advertisers called Playlist Targeting. Brand marketers will be offered a premium opportunity to connect with behavioral audience segments derived from user engagement with Spotify’s 1.5-billion playlists. Spotify exec Brian Benedik explains it to RAIN News. Continue Reading


Anthony Bay talks state of industry, announces Rdio Live in RAIN Summit West keynote

Rdio CEO Anthony Bay gave a keynote at RAIN Summit West focused on the need to reimagine what radio can be in an increasingly digital world. In addition to his summary of the role radio and broadcast can play for today’s listeners, he also announced plans for how his company will be pushing for that integration with an upcoming feature called Rdio Live. Continue Reading


Profile of the podcast audience

The Download on Podcasts is a new weekly feature sponsored by PodcastOne.

In the Infinite Dial 2015, an ongoing research project produced by Edison Research and Triton Digital, the metrics and consumption behavior of podcast listeners are portrayed sharply. Podcast listeners are voracious! (They also trend toward affluence.) Continue Reading