Rhapsody CEO on the change to Napster and navigating the future

Rhapsody is the great uncle of on-demand music subscription services. Two months ago Mike Davis took over as CEO, quickly tightening the ship with a round of layoffs. Last week came the announcement that Rhapsody would become Napster across all territories, consolidating its brand. RAIN News dialed up a conversation with Mike Davis to discuss that decision, and talk about steering a music service through a complex competitive landscape. Continue Reading


Jake Shapiro (RadioPublic) and Kerri Hoffman (PRX) on the future of radio

Last week we covered the launch of RadioPublic, a for-profit, public benefit corporation spawned by PRX, the open marketplace which brings together audio producers and public station program directors. To dig deeper, we spoke to Jake Shapiro, former CEO of PRX and founder/CEO of RadioPublic, and Kerri Hoffman, the new PRX CEO. Continue Reading


Radio programmatic at scale in 2016: A conversation with Jelli CEO Mike Dougherty

Programmatic radio advertising company Jelli released a press notice which summarizes the gains of programmatic advertising for radio in 2015. It sets the stage for a 2016 agenda of increased programmatic buying of radio ads. We spoke to Jelli CEO Mike Dougherty about buyer demand for programmatic ad campaigns. Continue Reading


Rivet Radio pivots toward B2B audio on-demand; conversation with CEO John MacLeod

Entering 2016, Chicago-based Rivet Radio is shifting to focus on serving business customers, putting its consumer-focused enterprise on the back burner for the time being. We spoke to Rivet CEO John MacLeod about Rivet’s mission to build data-smart on-demand talk content in its cloud-based system. Continue Reading


Pandora answers questions: Built-in audience and data will make on-demand work

“We believe we can compete in this space because we come from such a position of strength.” Pandora CEO Brian McAndrews and CFO Mike Herring answered questions in an investor call about the acquisition of Rdio, and Pandora’s ambitious 2016 plan. Click through for voluminous quotes. Continue Reading


The Scripps/Midroll merger: Conversation with the execs

Yesterday’s announcement that E.W. Scripps acquired Midroll Media is a mile marker in the evolution of podcasting as an important media category. We spoke by phone with Adam Sachs (CEO, Midroll Media), and Adam Symson (SVP and Chief Digital Officer, Scripps) about the merger, its aftermath, and implications for podcasting. Continue Reading