Nielsen: Teens and millennials drive Canada’s streaming popularity

The Canadian music landscape is continuing to shift toward streaming, largely driven by the actions of the younger generations, according to the Nielsen Music 360 Canada report. Streaming has near-total reach for young ears, with 93% of teens and 91% of millennials using the technology, compared with 71% of the general Canadian population. Continue Reading


Study: Podcast fans command billions in spending power for consumer packaged goods

Cadence13 and Nielsen have released a research report titled The Purchasing Power of Podcast Listeners, the first in a series that will examine the behaviors and trends within this audience. The first report explores listeners of shows about sports, society & culture, and television & movies and their spending habits in the consumer packaged good categories of snacks, carbonated beverages, and beauty products. Continue Reading


Nielsen report: Podcast listeners command billions in purchasing power

The latest Nielsen Podcast Insights report examines how podcast advertising impacts listener purchases and spending habits. First, it highlighted strong growth in the “avid podcast fan” audience, defined as households with the highest scores for their expressed interest in various podcast genres. Continue Reading