Indian music streaming app Gaana reaches 50 million monthly active users

Indian streaming music service Gaana announced that it has 50 million monthly active users. “It’s a proud moment for Team Gaana, not many home-grown brands have achieved this kind of milestone and very few brands in the entertainment space has been able to reach to this kind of scale in India,” COO Prashan Agarwal said. Continue Reading


SoundCloud continues product updates for creators

In what could be described as the Kerry Trainor era of SoundCloud, starting when the Vimeo ex-CEO took over the Berlin-based streaming platform, a quickened pace of product development seems to be in progress. It’s good news for the creator/uploader community which pays a lot of SoundCloud’s bills via subscriptions for cloud storage of tracks.  Continue Reading


Pandora, Sirius XM close investment. Sirius execs join board.

Pandora and Sirius XM have closed the strategic investment announced in June. Sirius XM has purchased 307-million Series A shares of P stock for a $480-million investment in the internet radio firm. At the same time, Sirius execs James E. Meyer (CEO), David J. Frear (CFO) and Gregory B. Maffei (Chairman) joined the Pandora board. Maffei is now chairman of both companies. Continue Reading


New research on listening/streaming preferences charts pros and cons of radio

Research firm Bridge Ratings released a new consumer survey of 2,200 consumers age 12-64 about why they do and don’t like AM/AM, and why they like streaming. There is a clear tilt to this work, as the report does not contain any queries or responses for what people might dislike about streaming. Continue Reading


Pandora earnings: Premium in perspective, programmatic on deck

A month after Pandora turned a corner with a new CEO, new board members, and new minority owner, the company released Q2 earnings. During the webcast investor call interim Chief Executive Naveen Chopra went through the basic financial metrics and took questions from investors. Click through for key points in the Q&A. Continue Reading


Jay-Z, a new album, and Spotify’s ongoing journey toward artist-friendly distribution

For the release of his newest work, Jay-Z opted to gate the album to his Tidal streaming service for one week. But even after distributing the music to most other digital platforms, Spotify still does not have 4:44. That may not be a cheap decision for the artist, and it also shows that Spotify has still not shaken some long-held assumptions among A-list performers. Continue Reading


Spotify shares report connecting listening and consumer habits

Spotify for Brands has two announcements for how to potentially market through music, data, and personalized habits. First, the company has shared a widget called Spotify.Me, a tool for quantifying listening preferences into data points that would be most useful to marketers. The second announcement is a related report called Understanding People Through Music. This analysis of 140 million people’s music habits draws some connections between the audio and likely spending habits. Continue Reading