Country music listeners want more discovery, better recommendations from streaming

The Country Music Association shared research into the potential for growth in streaming country music. The group’s findings suggested that country music fans are less satisfied with playlists created by streaming platforms. The results pointed to a need for access to more and newer titles in order to facilitate better discovery. Continue Reading


Indie music is on the rise and benefits from streaming

Independent record labels have a 38.4% share on the industry based on rights ownership, producing global revenue of $6 billion in 2016. That’s the top-line finding from the Worldwide Independent Network’s annual report on the financial state for indie music. Mark Mulligan of MIDiA Research authored the report, based on a survey of 660 labels and distributors. Continue Reading


Survey: Radio leads music discovery, but on-demand is closing the gap in select groups

Integr8 Research released a third blog post with research into the role of radio for today’s listeners. This installment reflected on radio’s long-standing position as a driver of new music discovery. Traditional broadcast did still post the highest discovery rates across many demographic groups, the lead was much narrower for a few key consumers. Continue Reading


Pandora “Definitive Guide to Audio” report highlights listening trends chipping away at radio

Pandora has given RAIN News a first look at its 2018 Definitive Guide to Audio, a report on the state of the industry with some statistics on terrestrial radio, streaming music, and podcasts. It’s a beautifully produced collection of data points and research that (unsurprisingly) creates a narrative showing streaming audio in a positive light. But it also does present some of the pain points facing broadcast in particular as audio consumption changes. Continue Reading


Survey: Radio ownership is dwindling and there’s no clear replacement (yet)

Integr8 Research conducted a survey to explore radio ownership trends and whether the emerging smart speaker product segment is growing into a replacement for radio sets. The company surveyed more than 3,000 radio listeners aged 15 to 39 who are dedicated to a local genre station. Ownership of radios appeared shaky. Continue Reading